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Do you need a brand new website, a site refresh, or just some updates made to your existing site? I can help with all of these. I specialize in creating and maintaining websites built with the WordPress content management system. Using the WordPress platform significantly reduces initial web development costs and makes it much easier for clients to update their own sites if they choose.

There are two main ways that web sites are built:

Content Management System

This is my recommended way of building web sites.  A content management system (CMS) is like an engine for your content.  Instead of taking the time to program in all the functionality you need on your site, I can use the CMS to do the heavy lifting while I concentrate on the design and filling in the framework that will hold your content.  Once your site is built using a CMS, it takes much less time to make changes to your content. I can either teach you how to make changes to your content yourself or I can do it for you.  Since it takes so much less time to make changes to your content, you save money whether you choose to do it yourself or have me do it for you.

The CMS that I have used the most and like the best is a free open-source package called WordPress.  It’s free so it saves you money and it is being used by many thousands of web sites around the world so it is going to be around for a very long time.  Another benefit to using this system is that there are many templates available for it.  If we can find a template that you like I can use it as a basis for designing your site and save many hours of design work which in turn saves you money.  Most professional templates generally only cost about $50 which is a fraction of what it would be to have me design one from scratch. I also hold a developer license for Elegant Themes Divi template which is one of the best templating systems available. I highly recommend using this template because it is highly customizable and allows for much easier design changes which saves me time and saves you money.

HTML Web Site

HTML (hyper-text markup language) is the way web sites have been built since the beginning of the world wide web.  It is very flexible as a method of web design and I’ve built many sites using HTML.  However, I don’t recommend building a new site using HTML.  It takes a lot longer to build a site using HTML than when using a content management system.  In addition to the higher initial cost, if you ever want to update your site you would need to pay for changes to content on your site.

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